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The Graduated Driver Learning Process


This process is divided into three stages.

Stage 1- Learner License


To apply for a learner license as at January 2011 you need to be at least 16 years of age. This involves learning the theory from the current road code manual or through online, which is always updated with any new approved road rules.

Stage 2- Restricted License


You can start taking practical driving lessons once you have successfully gained your learner license. You will need to have held your learner license for at least 6 months before sitting for the restricted test.

Stage 3 – Full License


You can apply for a full license after 18 months if you are under 25 years or after 6 months if you are over 25 years as from the date of your restricted license. By doing a Defensive Driving course this time can be reduced by 6 months and 3 months respectively.

Overseas Conversions


You will need to sit for an online theory test followed by a practical driving test. This license will qualify you to an equivalent category of NZ license depending on the group/ class of your overseas license.